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Damien Rice - My Favourite Faded Fantasy

What a very special time for me.

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oh yes i want to play sims 4, oh yes they have seem to forgotten all the people who use macs

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yup strongly agree with this article, makes me made how rich and popular they are

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just been asked to play the cello in a musical at my uni!

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Andrew Scott twitter Q&A: Jokes, funny replies, being cheeky and him just being a real sweetheart! + Saying his goodbye
Andrew Scott reddit Q&A: Rude questions/comments, nearly all things Sherlock, Andrew not really joking etc like he was yesterday, a lot of short replies and him just leaving without saying anything after
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oh my goodness

these are the most beautiful harry potter fan arts i’ve ever seen

They’re from Pottermore.

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i was going to get an early night but no

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pressure points

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yay for sobbing at sad love songs over my failed crush that all summer i had been hoping to see in the fucking high street

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fucking thank you

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