friendly reminder that yes i am a human, and yes i saw you giggling, and yes i am now questioning whether people will ever stop judging me on how i look

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i swear that if i find out you’re not single thats it

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I was really quite upset and probably very sad and vulnerable and angry. Acting presented a way of expelling those feelings in a safe place.

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was able to have sensible conversation about sherlock without getting really fangirlly and it was so great

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it’s the bitch of living

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why do all attractive boys already have girlfriends cries

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watching sherlock for the first time in forever and it feels weird

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that step back says 1000 words

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Benedict Cumberbatch for The Hollywood Reporter [x]

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itsgayerinenochian said: WHAT

I know!! I was researching it and she did an interview and said she would only do specials

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Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott attend the Bright Young Things Gala 2014

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gutted that they aren’t making series 4 of miranda

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When they made this particular hero, they didn’t give him a gun. They gave him a screwdriver to fix things. They didn’t give him a tank or a warship or an x-wing fighter—they gave him a box from which you can call for help. And they didn’t give him a superpower or pointy ears or a heat-ray—they gave him an extra HEART. They gave him two hearts! And that’s an extraordinary thing. There will never come a time when we don’t need a hero like the Doctor.”
Steven Moffat

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